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OCTOBER 2012 BREAKFAST - council elections - mayoral candicates

GEELONG ADVERTISER ARTICLE begins: WAYS to improve and diversify the city's economy have dominated discussion among mayoral candidates at a Geelong Business Network forum. At the first of two public mayoral events, seven of nine aspirants yesterday addressed about 180 people at the Mercure Hotel on a range of business, social and leadership issues.Bernadette Uzelac announced her plan to establish a $15 million Geelong Region Advantage Fund, modelled on a similar fund in Newcastle in the 1990s following the closure of BHP Steel mills.In conjunction with other tiers of government, the fund would be used to attract and assist businesses locating to the region.Ms Uzelac was one of several candidates who spoke about the need to improve the council's planning processes, to attract businesses and supply certainty to the sector.Stephanie Asher's top two priorities are to create jobs and have council's planning department set a national benchmark.
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